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We understand that FIXGEAR may not ring a bell as a brand that you have heard of but we got you covered. Don't take our word for it with regards to the high quality of our garments, we prefer to offer you your money back!!

That's right! If you are not happy with the quality of your FIXGEAR garment/s, you may return it/them for a full refund of the purchase price of the garment/s but we cannot refund delivery costs* nor pay for the return of the garment/s (unless they have a factory defect).

To be eligible for our money back gaurantee, you need only meet the following requirements...


  1. You must post back the garment/s to be returned within 5 business days (Mon.-Fri,) of having received them. So, if you receive them on a Wednesday, you must post them back by the following Monday. Five business days is more than ample time to check the qaulity of the garment/s.

  2. You can check out the garment/s BUT CANNOT USE IT/THEM TO DO EXERCISE. In other words, the garment/s must be returned in perfect condition with no odors and in the original packaging. This guarantee has been designed so that you may touch the fabric and examine the garment/s to make sure they are high quality and NOT so that you can use the garment and then return it just because. Please keep in mind that we will need to resell all garments that are returned.

    We can carry out tests on a garment to see if it has been used for exercise.

  3. You may not wash the garment/s. We have ways to test the garment/s to see if it/they have been washed. If the garment/s has/have been washed, we will not be able to respect this money back guarantee. 

  4. You will have to fill in our customer feedback form which we will include in the package upon delivery. We do this so that we can improve on quality in the future.


So, there is no reason not to tryFIXGEAR.

* Real delivery costs within Spain and Portugal 6.95 Euros and NOT 3.95 Euros. The 3,95 Euros is what we charge you for the delivery fees, the other 3 Euros (6.95-3.95) we cover out of our pockets so that you pay less for delivery BUT in case of return we will keep the REAL cost of delivery, in other words 6.95 Euros. Thanks.